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It doesn’t matter what stage of life and work you’re in, you should never stop learning. Cultivating your skill set through workshops is so important because you’ll learn something new, you’ll meet likeminded people, and your mindset will be stimulated. If you’re looking to invest in something that will help grow your small business and creative brand and result in a great return, start with yourself. In fact, it’ll be the best thing you do! Have a look below to see what workshops we have coming up.


brisbane workshop: instagram for business masterclass 

Tuesday 20th November 2018 | 6.30pm | Workshop Brisbane: 16 Austin Street, Newstead, Brisbane

Instagram has shaped the way creatives communicate. We can now instantly share our products and services with likeminded people all around the world – without paying a cent. We can now attract a global community on Instagram who lives and breathes what you do. But there is no point being on Instagram if you don’t know how to use it properly to grow your creative business.

So, how do you show up on social media as who you truly are and create a likeminded community? How do you better share and sell what you do? How do you create beautiful photos with words that matter? How do you find your secret sauce and learn to be a great storyteller? How do you blend who you are and what you do? How do you add value and give back to your community?

This practical, hands on workshop masterclass will show you how, and more. I’ll reveal the strategies successful creatives, bloggers and brands use to create beautiful content, I’ll show you how to find your secret sauce and better share your story, products and services, I’ll share the tools successful you can use to add value and give back to your community, I’ll show you how to take better Instagram photos with words that matter, I’ll reveal the systems and processes so you can create a create social media workflow, I’ll share tips on how to beat the Instagram algorithm, and how to use insights as well as Instagram Stories. Students will walk away feeling inspired and motivated, and armed with an Instagram Checklist to help them stay on track and take their Instagram presence to the next level.