This is by far, one of my favourite episodes I have recorded on this podcast, and I am so excited to share this honest, raw and revealing conversation with you about the truths of running your own business. This week I chat with Fabienne Costa, the founder and CEO of YCL Jewels. This woman has been in business for six years; leaving the comforts of her job as a nurse to pursue her dream of jewellery designing, she has ridden many deep lows and is unashamed to admit she was actively failed in the first two of years of her business. Yet, in face of all this adversity, Fabienne has come out on top. She is a strong, passionate, and deeply profound woman filled with vision, creativity and wisdom. I fell head over heels in love with Fabienne throughout this conversation and I will forever honour this woman for all that she is. I actually got goosebumps listening to this conversation again.

Because we ended up speaking for over an hour and a half, I have decided to split this episode into two parts. On today’s episode, Part One, we chat about switching careers and making the transition into pursuing your passion full time with confidence, actively failing, living our most profound and purposeful life, maintaining newness in a product business, marketing a creative business, building hype for a new collection, investing in your brand with intention, creating content that touches the lives of people, the importance of business mentorship, managing to “do it all” when you first start out, dealing with self doubt in all phases of business, failures and success, and lots more.

“It was a good two years of falling down, and actively failing every day before we hit our first milestone in the brand. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.”

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“It’s up to us to live a life we know is true to us, to live our most deeply profound and purposeful life; no one else will hand that to us.”

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