Welcome to Episode 43! I am super happy to have one of my favourite humans, and our resident nutritionist, back on the Your Creative Start Podcast this week, Bec Miller from Health With Bec. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing Bec just yet, she has a Bachelor of Science Nutrition, is a Clinical Nutritionist, is obsessed with picking apart the science of food and health, and de-bunking common health and diet myths. She specialises in weight loss, food and lifestyle practices that are totally up to date and unique to what you may have tried before.

I worked alongside Bec during my own weight loss journey after having Dusty, and I lost a staggering 20 plus kilos in the lead up to my wedding last year thanks to her ongoing support. She’s continued to help me stay healthy with her personalised meal plans and reset plans. I also know a lot of listeners have since worked with Bec on their own personal journeys after listening to her on the podcast, and are thrilled with their change in lifestyle, the way they experience food and their results. She truly is an incredible human.

Now for those of you who may not be familiar with Bec, head back to Episode 30 where we talk about Managing Stress and Episode 26 where we talk about Fuelling your creativity with nutrition. Her episodes are some of the most listened to, so I know you are going to get stacks out them.

I wanted to get Bec back on the show to chat about energy because it’s my word for 2019 and I want to arm all of us with the tools we need to ensure we are optimising our creative thinking and producing great work, without overdoing it or burning out. So on today’s episode, Bec and I chat about why energy is so important, how we can positively and negatively impact our energy levels, how energy affects our thinking, optimising creative thinking, tips for dealing with the mental load, foods that can increase and decrease our energy, exercise, habits and routines, the afternoon slump, sleep and sleep deprivation (especially for parents), and she also reveals a few exciting things she is working on this year. Enjoy!

“Energy is the speed at which we can do our everyday tasks. When your energy is low you don’t have a creative mind.”

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“Energy can affect your work life, your relationships. When you don’t have energy you don’t feel happy. Your happiness and energy go hand in hand.”

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