I am so excited because today I get to speak to one of the most truly creative, kind hearted, business savvy women I know – Kelly Thompson. I have been wanting to get her on the show for ages now and I am so excited we this episode is happening.

 For those of you who don’t know Kelly, she is a fashion photographer who has evolved into a hugely successful illustrator and has been published around the world. As her work became in demand, he soon found herself working full time as a freelance artist, being invited as a guest speaker at popular creative events, and collaborating with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Basically, living the dream.

She is the founding director of Maker’s Mgmt, a creative consultancy and illustration agency based in Melbourne that has worked with leading brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Apple, Pepsi and Maybelline. She is also the founder of Makers Mrkt, a platform where artists come together to sell their makery – including ceramics, jewellery, art and paper goods.

On the YCS Podcast we speak about Collaboration Over Competition – a topic we both feel super passionate about. But that’s not all. We also talk about being an artist and an artist manager, starting your own business partnership and how to end a business partnership, ways in which creatives can work together and support each other, the pressures of being a girl boss, the pay disparity between women and men, money and how to get comfortable talking about it, negotiation tips, payment terms and quoting.

So, strap in everyone, this episode is going to shift your mindset and leave you thinking differently than you ever have before.

"The best way to collaborate is to think about what you want to do, what you are good at, what do you need and what you can contribute."

"I am very pro creatives helping and supporting each other."


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"The only way a lot of creative are finding out is through trial and error." 

"The more we share, and the earlier we share, then ultimately lots of people will benefit collectively as a community." 



  1. Being an artist and and artist manager

  2. Starting your own business

  3. Ending a business partnership

  4. Creatives working and supporting each other

  5. The pressures of being a “girl boss”

  6. The pay disparity between women and men

  7. Money - knowing your value and worth

  8. Getting comfortable talking about money

  9. Negotiation tips

  10. Payment terms

  11. Quoting


  1. Jasmine Dowling

  2. Kitchen Garden Companion by Stephanie Alexander

  3. Homegrown Revolution by James Wong

  4. The Design Files “Talks” Podcast

  5. Rich Roll Podcast

  6. How I Built This Podcast


"Instead of being no, I’ve done my time, I’ve figured that out for myself - maybe just tell them, help them." 

"Give them a little nugget of information to help them along.”


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