Dream, plan and get shit done. It really doesn’t get any better than that, and that’s Adam Jelic’s philosophy behind creative stationary brand MiGOALS. Adams light bulb moment for MiGOALS came about when he realised writing his goals on scrap pieces of paper wasn’t inspiring, or practical. Fast forward to today, seven years on from the launch of the business, Adam and his business partner Alec have hustled hard to create a brand that focuses on helping people achieved their goals. 

You can now find their diaries, journals, desk pads, accessories and notebooks stocked in over 200 retail stores around the world and attracting a cult following of goal setting, planning and to do list addicts, like myself. I am so excited to bring to you today's episode, its a very, very, very good one and I am also excited about this one because Adam is the first guy I've interviewed on the podcast! We talk about the importance of investing in yourself as a creative, as well as how to set goals successfully, launching on a little bit of money, manifesting goals, self confidence, technology vs. stationary and getting started. 


"i started migoals in my parents study, then went to my garage, went to an office and now we've got a little factory in melbourne - it's been an exciting journey" 

"if you're working full time and have a side hustle, it's really important to know what's going to bring more value"

"being an entrepreneur and a creative is about building belief in yourself" 



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"to set a goal you need to understand what it's there for; it's there to give you direction, it's there to give you focus and clarity" 

"think about it logically, if you can see it and you keep seeing it, and you put it out there, something is going to happen" 

"to improve your odds of success you've got to be doing things that the successful people before you were doing"



  1. Creating a solution to a problem
  2. Blending a day job and a side hustle
  3. Spreading the word at launch 
  4. Tips for going into business with friends
  5. How to set goals successfully
  6. Launching with a little bit of money
  7. Self confidence 
  8. Manifesting goals
  9. Investing in yourself 
  10. Technology vs. Stationary
  11. Social media 
  12. Working with influencers 
  13. Getting started 


"find what works for you; read a book, download a podcast, manifest it, build that self belief and keep it simple" 

"it's really hard to switch off; running your own business or being a creative, it's one of the hardest things to stop your brain thinking about whats happening next"

"they haven't found a filter process and that's something we all need"



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