I am super thrilled about this weeks podcast episode because I get to interview Hayley Jenkin from Wholehearted Studio about the comparison trap. Hayley specialises in styling and photography for wholehearted brands and interiors, and her job is to creatively direct and style imagery campaigns to ensure her clients look their best! Her work has been featured in Real Living Magazine, White Magazine, Hello May, and she also runs workshops on the topics of styling and photography and visual identity. We chat about turning a hobby into a business, being a successful creative and a single mum, knowing what to charge for your products and services, being in a vulnerable state, using the comparison trap as a self-motivator and tools to combat the comparison trap.


"in the early days Wholehearted Studio began as a hobby; it was a love project" 

"any investment in anything you're not good at that's going to take you ages and ages to learn, is a good spend of money because it will free up your time elsewhere"

"if you're a creative or anyone in business, you are in a vulnerable state 24/7"



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"this one day i had really set myself into a spiral where i had looked at all these photos and had decided what i was doing was not any good, and i hit a paralysis" 

"that vulnerability is not something i've ever been comfortable with, i've always preferred to pretend everything is ok" 

"let yourself be driven by the people you are helping and inspiring, and all the noise tends to wash away"



  1. Turning a hobby into a business
  2. Being a successful, self employed creative and a single mum 
  3. Investing and collaborating with other creatives 
  4. Launching on a budget 
  5. Spending money on your business
  6. Selling products and services online successfully 
  7. Knowing what to charge for your products and services 
  8. Learning how to better budget for your business
  9. Diversifying your offering with workshops
  10. Strategies with selling workshop tickets
  11. The comparison trap
  12. Self-sabotaging 
  13. Being in a vulnerable state 
  14. Highlight reels and pretending everything is perfect
  15. Using the comparison trap as a motivator
  16. Tools to combat the comparison trap


"i realised how ungrateful i was looking at the things i didn't have when i had a whole bunch of beautiful things in front of me that i actually loved"

"i made the decision then and there to stop looking at other peoples things; it has helped me step forward in confidence and not play the comparison game anymore" 

"when i ended up by myself it was suddenly open to the world to see my life wasn't so perfect, and it was the best thing ever because i didn't have to pretend anymore" 



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