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Sometimes you need help expressing who you are and what you do, and that’s why I am so excited to have this week’s guest on the Your Creative Start Podcast this week. Her name is Anita Siek and she is the founder of Wordfetti, a copywriting haus who don’t do normal write. Yes, if that last bit didn’t sound exactly right, then head over to Anita’s witty website and you’ll see why.

An ex-corporate ex-lawyer turned professional copywriting wordsmith, Anita just has this clever yet super relatable way of grabbing your attention that’s warm, honest and sometimes quirky, and that’s why she’s in top demand from her clients, and has a waitlist for those wanting to work with her and her creative team. What stands out most for me is that Anita is passionate about the phycology of writing, and how it shapes our behaviours. I have always loved how writing creates an emotional reaction in people, so I am excited to dive into this episode and divulge all of the wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips Anita shares about copywriting and how it can make, or break, your business.

But don’t worry, with Anita around, she’ll make sure copywriting only makes your business better for you, and your clients and customers. On this week’s episode, Anita and I chat about nontraditional career paths, exploring what you love through side gigs, the importance of good copywriting for business when you are trying to sell something, understanding the importance of language, creative copywriting and strategic copywriting, where you may need copywriting assistance (and it may not be where you expect), brand voice, cutting through a sea of similarities, brand bibles, budgeting for a copywriter, investing up your own copywriting skills, tips for crafting great copywriting, writers block and lots more. And here is a link to her favourite book right now - Atomic Habits.

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