I’ve been lucky to experience three of the most well-known working environments – an office, a co-working space and working from home. Needless to say, it might come as a surprise to some of you and probably not most of you, but what I found was that I was most productive in a co-working space and working from home.

I didn’t need to spend two hours every day commuting to and from work, I could work the hours that suited me (I am most productive early in the morning), I could enjoy the peace and quiet of not being interrupted by colleagues every ten minutes and it did wonders for my creativity.

When I stopped working for someone else in an office earlier this year and start working for myself at home, I knew I was taking a risk. But I also knew I would be happier, more productive and more creative. Why? Because I am doing what I love, on my own terms.

So if I can one piece of wisdom with other creative employers, it’s this. Shake up the norm and let your staff work remotely. Even if it’s just for one day a week, I promise your business will reap the benefits. And most importantly, so will your staff. Why?



When I lived and worked in Sydney I had two transport options to get to my full time job every day; catch a bus and two trains, which took two and a half hours every day, or drive, which took two hours every day. Not the most effective way to spend my time! Needless to say, when your staff work from home they can reclaim that time wasted commuting with something more productive and creative. 



Most people who work remotely, either work from home or at a co-working space. But that doesn’t mean they have to be tied to these spaces. They could spend a few hours at a coffee shop around the corner, they can take their laptop to the beach or work from another colleague’s home. It really doesn’t matter where your staff choose to work from as long as they are happy, productive and get the work done. And let’s be honest, it’s a lot better than sitting at the same desk every day, staring at the same computer screen every day, and speaking to the same people every day.



Without a doubt the biggest reason why employers let their staff work from home or from a co-working space is because it makes their staff happier and more productive. Take it a step further and let them choose their own working hours on these days. Avoid setting meetings with your staff when they are working remotely and let them truly focus on their work without interruptions. Changing their working environment, even for just one day a week, will vastly improve their happiness, creativity and productivity, which is a win win for everyone. 


Words by YCS Director, Jaharn Giles


Jaharn Giles