With the implementation of Instagram advertising in 2015, and Instagram algorithms in 2016, there was community outrage. Some expected the changes, whilst others didn't. Me? I knew it was a sure thing as soon as Facebook bought Instagram. If anything it cemented my firm belief that your website and blog presence is your most important asset - it's your best employee. Here's why.



If you're a creative, you should not put all your energy and efforts into social media. Why? Well, think about this. What would happen if Instagram decided to shut down one day? Where would you be? How would you communicate to your audience? Whilst we are the ones who make social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat so popular, we don't own them and that means we effectively rent them, for free. And because of this, the likes of Mark Zuckerberg are able to make any changes they want in order to make money, of course. So my best advice is spend a little bit of time on social media and spend a lot of time on your online presence. Regularly send people from social media to your online presence. Capture these people further by getting them to sign up to your newsletter (even if you don't have one to send out yet). You own your website and blog, so concentrate on making this the best user experience it can be. And for those Insta-fame kids who have found success on social media alone, don’t stress. The time is ripe for you to start your own website or blog which you own and have full creative control over.



As I touched on above, your website and blog is your own little piece of the internet – you own it and you can decide what happens to it. You have control of your content, your readers and their experience. You don’t have to battle it out with tough, uncontrollable algorithms, or brands with huge ad spends. However, I think it’s still important to use social media to your advantage. Not every channel is going to suit you – in fact, we don't have Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook. Be selective and get creative with the content you create and share. Make sure whatever you share on social, is visible on your website and blog. 



Website and blog content has so much more value than a social media post. Why? Website and blog content is searchable and forever, whilst social media posts disappears from people's feeds after a few hours, or worse, they're not even seen due to the murky algorithms. It’s also even more important now than ever to create evergreen content, which isn’t timely so it’s always relevant for your readers at any time of the year. However, there is a catch, websites and blogs are also at the mercy of Google but it’s a hell of a lot better than these tough social media algorithms. Don't stress if you can't afford SEO because Google actually loves content rich websites and blog posts. Hint hint...



As I mentioned earlier, you own your newsletter list. So start strengthening this today. Why? The people who have spent the time to sign up to your newsletter actively want to receive content from you - so keep them happy! If you don’t have a subscribe button on your website or blog, get one! There are many widgets you can use for free that capture your mail list data, even if you aren’t ready to send a newsletter just yet. We use Mailchimp and send an email to our community every month. 


Words by YCS Director, Jaharn Giles

Jaharn Giles