In a world of digital consumerism, the art of note taking still reigns supreme. For me, a fresh notebook is a sensory experience like nothing else. I love hearing the bind crack as I peel the notebook open. I love the crisp smell of clean paper. I love running my hands over the soft, unmarked pages. 

Filling my notebook with thoughts, things to do, notes and plans brings me so much joy. It enables me to stay engaged and focused and it inspires constructive and creative thinking whist putting pen to paper. It ensures I have a physical place to keep my thoughts in a central location and stops me forgetting key insights may have forgotten. 

And thankfully, the art note taking is having a resurgence. So how can you leave the digital world behind and fall in love with note taking again? Head over to An Organised Life’s blog (where you’ll see me pop up regularly as a contributor).

Jaharn Giles