Podcasts have seriously shaped and changed the way I do business as a creative. My love for podcasts began just over two years ago when I happily discovered, by pure chance, the Being Boss Podcast. It was exactly what I needed to launch my creative consultancy business last year - that's right, Your Creative Start! It gave me more knowledge, insight and tools to confidently shape YCS into what it is today - and I tell everyone I know about the Being Boss Podcast, because it deserves to be shared amongst creative entrepreneurs. So for this month's blog post, I want to share with you a few more podcasts that has shaped who I am today in life and business. 


Serial is the very first podcast I ever listened to way back in 2014 and it completely got me hooked, not only on the series, but podcasting. Over 12 episodes, the first series in Serial takes listeners to Baltimore in 1999 when Hae Min Lee, a popular high school student disappears after school one day and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed was then subsequently arrested and later charged with her murder. What follows, as the episodes unfold, is that listeners are given unprecedented access into the investigation of the murder by journalist Sarah Koenig, who was approached by Adnan's family to look into the case. Speaking of Sarah, she is one of the most gifted storytellers I've come across on any podcast; she is innately curious and speaks without judgement and never comes across fake or rehearsed, which I love. Her unbiased reporting of the investigations and proceedings back in 1999 combined with the worldwide response to the podcast series, has just seen (two weeks ago) Judge Martin P. Welch approve the case to be reopened for a new trial. Watch this space...

Listen here: www.serialpodcast.org/season-one



The beauty of podcasts is discovering them, and you'll most likely always hear about a fantastic podcast through a recommendation from a friend, blog post or another podcast. I was recently chatting to my friend Cass Deller about our favourite podcasts, and she mentioned The Goal Digger. It sounded right up my alley and needless to say, it's awesome. Created and hosted by Jenna Kutcher, she shares all of her insight into being a thriving business woman and a successful creative. I'm a few episodes in and already hooked. I love hearing what she has to say and share about social media, creating a brand and copywriting. She also has an infectious personality, which shines across her work. Definitely a must for creatives!

Listen here: www.podcast.jennakutcher.com



How I Built This is a new podcast I've been listening to and I am well and truly hooked. Host Guy Raz interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists about the stories behind the brands and movements they built. Each episode is brimming with triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight and told by the founders of some of the world's best known companies and brands, such as Miguel McKelvey founder of billion dollar co-working space WeWork, Sara Blakely founder of Spanx, Gary Erickson founder of those delicious and protein filled Clif Bars, and Joe Gebbia founder of Airbnb. Get my drift? So if you've ever built or dreamed about creating something from nothing, you know, something you really care about, this is the podcast for you.

Listen here: www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this



Now the podcasts I listen to aren't all business or crime related because I do love a good LOL! And that's where My Dad Wrote A Porno comes into the mix of the podcasts you need in your life. With over 50 million downloads, this podcast is funnnnnny. The host is Jamie Morton and when he discovered his dad had penned a (very very poorly written) porno, he had to share it with the world. So he got two of his besties, James Cooper and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine, to join him as he reads a chapter for each episode. You can only imagine what follows - heaps of awkward moments and Jamie discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for. And I have to admit, the prudish English accents make this a standout for when you want to listen to something light and so, so, so funny.

Listen here: www.mydadwroteaporno.com



In high school, I always dreamed of being a journalist. But the thrills of fashion (oh how I have changed!), business and entrepreneurship pulled me elsewhere. And I think that's why I love BBC's The Documentary so much. Each episode follows the investigations of BBC journalists all over the world as they share the stories they've uncovering. From animal poaching in Kenya to gun control in the United States, to a sex mountain in Indonesia to the muslim movement in Pakistan, this podcast gives a much deeper look into society, politics, culture and more. In fact, two stand out episodes for me was one story about a Jewish composer who wrote music on scrap paper whilst in a concentration camp in WWII and how his family discovered the sheets years later and went on a mission to find more. Another episode followed the journey of a Syrian boy as he and his family escaped from Syria over to Greece by water, then onto Germany and their assimilation into German culture and society. It's powerful stuff! 

Listen here: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nq0lx/episodes/downloads



I know I mentioned the Being Boss Podcast above, but I have to include it in my list of podcasts you need in your life because I'm betting if you're reading this, you're also a creative who needs a little motivation and inspiration to do the work. Hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson who are based in the US, the girls share weekly podcasts (sometimes more) about the topics that really matter to creatives, such as using Pinterest for your brand, growing your team and the comparison trap. The girls are super natural and knowledgable as they chat with each other, and also the people they interview. 

Listen here: www.beingboss.club



Now I have to toot the YCS horn a little bit here because I am about to launch my own podcast! Because I get so much joy and satisfaction helping other creatives on a day to day basis, I started thinking about launching my own podcast last year - and I have finally picked up the courage to see my dreams come into reality. As I am slowly moving away from my travel blog, the timing felt right and it made sense to blend my love of learning, educating and podcasting to create the Your Creative Start Podcast. So what's it going to be about? I'll be sharing weekly podcasts to help other creatives get started and become known for their something. It's very much geared to the creative looking to get started or have already launched their business but need some motivation to keep at it. Each podcast will be filled with wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips whilst tackling the topics you want to hear about the most, such as getting your creative business started, how to set goals like a boss, learning from your mistakes, how to get out of a creative rut, how to manifest successfully and much, much more. I'll also be interviewing creatives about how they got started, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and ask them to share their tips and advice so you feel inspired and motivated in your own creative businesses. 

Listen here: www.yourcreativestart.com/podcast


Words by YCS Director, Jaharn Giles

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Jaharn Giles