As the pointy end of 2018 is getting closer, I have been feeling exhausted – it’s been a big year! I got married, Dusty turned one, my business turned two, I recorded two seasons of my podcast, I said good bye to a client and said hello to lots of new clients, and I hired my first Content Manager, Samantha. It’s been amazing to say the least, and I’ve also learned a lot. 

I know I am not the only person who feels drained towards the end of the year, and I certainly don’t my team and I to feel completely wrecked when we go on holidays. I want us to feel revived and refreshed so we can truly enjoy the time off and soak up as much summer sun as possible. 

As I am more aware of these feelings this year, I have been working on feeling less stressed and overwhelmed by making a few positive changes to my life and business. Read on to find out what they are; I hope they help you to beat end of year exhaustion!





First things first, I have found that consciously slowing down has made a huge impact. Usually I operate at a million miles an hour and say yes to everything (well, most things) and this only leave me feeling drained. As I recognise there are three months left till the end of the year, I am being far more strategic about what I choose to do. As an example, I have my Creative Business series of workshops booked in for November with Workshop Australia in Brisbane, and I was recently approached to do some extra workshops in Byron Bay. Usually I would rush to say yes, but this time I let them know I am slowing down and that I would be very keen in the new year. And you know what? They said they were happy to wait until the new year. And I felt great.  



Because I know I am feeling run down towards the end of the year, I don’t take on as much work as I would throughout the year. Additionally, YCS goes on a three week break over the holidays so it’s not the best time to start working with a new client. So this time, I haven’t been taking on as much work. If I have a client who approaches us in November or December and wants to work with us in a big capacity, we’ll start working with them in January when we’re feeling fresh and revived.



It’s really easy for me to take on a lot of work and run myself into the ground; I am a highly detailed person who loves helping people but sometimes even I can get a bit lost. This is why I have been focusing on what actually needs to get done, rather than create more work for myself. As an example, I would really love to design a brand new website for YCS but that is a huge project, so instead I chose to make some tweaks that’ll get us by until the beginning of next year.

Photo by Aimee Dodge Photography

Jaharn Giles