So you have a blog and the last thing you want to do is write another post about beauty products, your latest workshop or your trip to Cuba. Don't worry, you're not alone. They happen to the best of us, so here are a four quick tips on what to do when you're in a blogging slump.



Are you used to blogging five, three or two times a week? Is the pressure of coming up with creative content and writing making you feel exhausted? If it is, then you simply need to take a break. If you’re feeling the blogging slump, walk away from your computer and take a break for a week or a month. Let your readers know what's happening in your life and tell them how much time you'll need - trust me, they'll appreciate your honesty. In fact, when I used to work in PR, an old boss of mine used to say to my team “we’re in PR, not ER,” and this empowering reality check certainly applies to blogging. Why? Because the world will continue to spin and so will you.



I know I say this all–the–time but the best thing to do whenever you’re in a blogging slump or a creativity rut or a work low, is to get outdoors. There is something super special about being outdoors, exploring nature, embarking on a long hike, or going for a swim in the ocean. It does wonders for your creativity and will reinvigorate your drive for blogging.



As things are changing with social media so much lately, I have made a very conscience decision not to spend as much time on it as I used to. I used to post two, sometimes three posts a day on Instagram, and now I probably post one to three times a week. Why? Because there is so much more to life than being stuck to our phones, with our necks bent, as we look down and obsess over what's happening social media. This year I'm all about living minimally, and this applies not only to the 'things' I own, but also social media. When I finish work for the day, I deliberately leave my phone in my studio and don’t look at it until the next morning. 



When you’re in a blogging slump, it’s the perfect time to re-visit your goals. Have a look at them, get a piece of paper and a pen, and answer these questions below. Understand and analyse your answers and goals, and of course, update them. And if you need help resetting (or setting) your goals, I show you what you need to do here. 

What have you achieved?

What needs changing or updating?

Do you have any goals you want to delete from your list?

Is blogging what you really want to be doing?



Words by YCS Director, Jaharn Giles


Jaharn Giles